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Digitization of production - The power of 3D printing and 3D scanning.

3D printers are slow, expensive and remain a niche technology. This makes them uninteresting for our company "- Failed entrepreneur, 2018

For real? Read this article completely and you will learn more about 3D printing, 3D scanning and how you can benefit from this technology.

Why are 3D printing and 3D scanning useful for my company?

Saturated markets - digitization as a solution for my company?

Companies are faced with the challenge of selling their products in increasingly saturated markets. Only innovative ideas and manufacturing methods will enable you to be successful with your products in these markets. Get started digitizing your innovation process with 3D scaning and 3D printing.

Short innovation processes and product life cycles

Today's products are characterized by shorter development and product life cycles. Consumers demand a high quality in addition to the constant improvement of their consumer goods. 3D scanners and 3D printers help you to develop innovative and high quality products in short development cycles.

Individualization of products

The trend is clearly moving away from mass-produced goods to highly individualized consumer goods. This requires the right methods and tools to create the perfect individualized product for your customers. In the old industry, economies of scale and high volumes played a crucial role in guaranteeing low production costs and high product quality. In the digitalized production of tomorrow, individual and additive products can be produced cost-efficiently and on demand.

A short trip into history of computers

"I think there may be a market for maybe five computers worldwide "- Thomas Watson, Chairman IBM, 1943

Get your own idea of 3D technology and its evolution. Where is 3D printing in 5, 10 and 20 years? Future will show!

Quickly to the customer with digital manufacturing

The digital world is changing our societies very fast. Always connected with friends and your family via your smartphone, make digital transfers and buy goods at the touch of a finger. All this already belongs to our everyday life. Through social media and influencers, trends are developing very fast today. As a company, you have to be pro-active and not only react to this. You have to have the right product ready for your customers on demand and in time. In digital additive manufacturing, 3D printing enables the proactive use of trends through rapid digital development and manufacturing. This saves your company time and gives you competitive advantages.

3D printing - Complementary technologies & resources

For the successful application of 3D printing processes in your company, it is essential that know-how and experienced employees are available. The best 3D printer will be useless without good CAD software and staff who know how to handle it. If you would like to use 3D scanners for your application cases, then it makes sense to also deal with suitable (reverse) engineering in order to be able to utilize the obtained 3D scanning data.

Conclusion: 3D printing for entrepreneurs

Join the megatrend of digitizing your innovation process and your manufacturing! In our estimation, 3D printing and 3D scanning are at the beginning the way we develop and revolutionize products. Of course, it will take some time until we manufacture the majority of our everyday products additively. Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, it is already a matter of proactively shaping the future today and preparing your company for the world of tomorrow. Make the right decision for your company and get into 3D printing now.

3D printing for industry- Well?! Why does this matter for me?

3D printers are toys for "nerds"!

People claiming that 3D printers are toys are to a certain extent right. Yes, 3D printers are toys for "electronics nerds". Also, not everyone will have a 3D printer at their home tomorrow. The development in the field of 3D printing and additive manufacturing is taking place rapidly. The prices for material and high quality equipment are decreasing and the performance is increasing very fast. Many leading industrial companies, such as Airbus, Daimler, Siemens and General Electric already rely on additive manufacturing technologies today.

3D printing - No revolution!

This statement may seem surprising at first glance. Especially from a dealer for 3D printers. At second glance, however, this statement makes sense. 3D printers will not be in every household tomorrow, or print your whole smartphone. Rather, it requires further development in terms of 3D printing and material technology. Users also need easier access to CAD data. Good approaches are taken by Thingiverse and myminifactory to make useful CAD designs accessible to the end user and costumer. With design services and simple and free CAD programs, even beginners can easily design items on their computer. AutoCAD's Thinkercad, SketchUp, and Fusion 360 offer free entry into stand-alone CAD design.

Do it like Einstein

"Creativity is intelligence with fun" - Albert Einstein

Transform your ideas into physical objects, jewelry and components. Realize your thoughts and your creativity. 3D printing can help you with this.

3D printing for home and garden

It will take a long time until we print all our everyday objects ourselves. Nevertheless, the private use of 3D printing already makes sense in some areas today. Are you a handyman and need now and then plastic components for your workshop, household or garden? 3D printers can help you produce additive components that are no longer available. Depending on the level of knowledge, you can construct the CAD objects yourself or download them from platforms such as Thingiverse. Let your creativity play and discover the possibility to transform your individual designs into physical objects.

Become your own designer

Just try CAD design and modeling. First results are fast. You will be amazed how much creativity and inspiring talent you have. If you digitize your lovingly hand-crafted artworks with a 3D scanner, you can digitally save, enhance, and 3D print your creation automatically.

Buy good-value 3D printer, 3D scanner, filament & resin here

As already explained in detail, digital technologies already play an important role in our daily lives. Manufacturing involves new digital manufacturing methods and manufacturing processes. Politicians and industry have recognized that digitization (Industrie 4.0) is crucial to the future of our societies.
3D printers are already widely used in prototype construction today. The field of application is increasingly being applied to the final assembly of components through technological advances and complementary technologies (3D Scan & CAD). Through the use of additive manufacturing technology, production modes and supply chains are changing.
At by JJ3D you will find powerful 3D printers, 3D scanners, accessories & spare parts, consumables and CAD / CAM / special software. The product portfolio put together for you ranges from entry-level systems to professional devices and industrial machines. Buy the optimal 3D printing & 3D scanning system for you.

Which 3D printer is suitable for my use case?

Every industry and every area of application has its own requirements for a 3D printer. Different material properties, object sizes, surface finishes and resolutions are required for the different applications. Depending on the application, it is first necessary to identify the correct 3D printing process and to select a suitable 3D system. Here you will find suitable 3D printers for:

  • Dental applications
  • Aerospace
  • Plant and machine construction
  • Primary and further education
  • Prototyping and modeling
  • Research and development
  • Energy (Renewable and fossil fuels)
  • Health sector
  • Security and defense
  • Art, design and architecture

Buy here devices with following technologies:

  • Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM / FFF)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Daylight 3D printing (LCD Panel technology)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Selective laser melting (SLM)

Here you will find 3D printers of following brands:

  • 3D Systems
  • CreatBot
  • Flashforge
  • Leapfrog
  • Machines-3D
  • MoonRay
  • Photocentric
  • PrimaCreator
  • Shining 3D
  • Tiertime
  • Wanhao
  • XYZPrinting
  • ZMorph
  • Zortrax
  • ZYY+

Optimal 3D scanners for your requirements

Different use cases and applications have different requirements for a 3D scanner. Depending on area of application of the 3D scanner you need different product characteristics to get the optimal 3D scanning results. At you will find the 3D scanning system that best suits your requirements.

Our offered 3D scanners are working with following technologies:

  • Laser 3D scanning
  • White light 3D scanning
  • Blue light 3D scanning

Charakteristics of 3D scanners:

  • Desktop
  • Fixed 3D scanning
  • Handheld
  • Dental

Get 3D scanners of:

  • 3D Systems
  • Shining 3D

We offer 3D printing and 3D scanning as well as the further processing of the data as a service. Let non-binding advice from JJ3D team on topics related to additive manufacturing.

Using Design Thinking for new ideas?

To promote creativity in your company, new approaches are needed. Old structures, processes and ways of thinking have to be broken by innovation methods - such as design thinking - and free space for creative thinking of employees has to be created. Here it is the potential of the employees and their creativity to promote and demand. A special feature is the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge. The brainstorming process should always be accompanied by qualified coaches.

Use of 3D printing - ideas into first testable prototypes

Once the ideas are developed and optimized, the first physical prototypes are to be produced for testing. 3D printers help to implement the ideas in the finished product close to coming prototypes. Through the use of rapid prototyping by means of 3D printing, the prototyping can be massively shortened and reduced.

Analog is still the best!

The first prototypes can be digitized using 3D scanners, processed in CAD software, returned to the area and further processed. Subsequently, the adapted designs can be manufactured with 3D printing processes. Through the use of 3D printing, digital designs can be made haptically detectable. In addition to digital editing and optimization, the manual feel of shapes and designs will continue to play a prominent role in the future. If changes to the product design are desired, they can be made manually on the prototype and later reproduced using 3D scanners and CAD software.

Additive in series production

Another way is to run prototypes and mass production directly with 3D printers. This is especially worthwhile for complex bionic structures, small lot sizes and especially individualized objects and components. Be inspired by the versatile possibilities of 3D printing. Also 3D Scan and CAD tools allow you to live out your creative creativity and create something new.

Conclusion: Digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing expand the tool set of production. In combination with 3D Scan and CAD tools new masterpieces can be created.

Additive manufacturing technologies provide creatives, designers and engineers with new manufacturing processes. This extends your options. Let yourself be inspired by the many possibilities of 3D printing For further questions contact us without obligation!